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The Heavenly Lord’s Ambassador. A Kingdom Like No Other. Book 1

Andrew Kochett

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Never give up, even if you’re a hopeless loser and the whole world is against you. Your previous life as a nerd was just preparing you for your role as the chosen one. That’s exactly what happens when the Emperor of Herandia sends mild-mannered archivist Unizel Virando as the official interpreter for a group of government officials looking to make contact with a secretive land called Virilan. His life and the fate of the Known World hang in the balance. Can a bookworm survive the hazards of the trip, become an expert swordsman, and find true love? Will his learned mind and kind heart help him unlock the mysteries of the strange new land, achieve the Emperor’s goals, and avert war? While Uni struggles to complete his quest, his loyal friends at home try to find out who put a price on his head and find themselves in the middle of a struggle between the Empire’s most powerful shadow forces.

Оформление. ООО "Издательство "Эксмо", 2023
Андрей Кочетков, текст, 2023
Юлия Щербина, иллюстрации, 2023

Andrew Kochett
The Heavenly Lord’s Ambassador